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Message from the Chairman

António da Silva Parente

Markets today are changing rapidly and prone to volatility, requiring us to pay constant attention to underlying forces and to question our strategic stance at every turn. The Group has embraced this reality so as to stay true to our Strategic Principles, our Mission and guiding Values, all inspired by our original business Vision.

We have exposed three strategic principles: continuous growth, through value creation, founded on sustained development with a sense of ethics, development of our Human Resources, inculcating a spirit of enthusiasm and motivation in the work of our personnel, and lastly the constant search for new business opportunities, allowing for acquisitions which generate fresh value.

Fundamental to the attainment of our Mission is our market-oriented approach to business, focused on building customer satisfaction and loyalty, through a quality and competitive service. In consolidating our business strategy, we should also point to the essential roles played by the various partnerships in which we have invested, contributing to our aim of value creation.

We would like the public image of our business undertakings to reflect our diversity and capabilities, making it clear that, even during times of uncertainty, we continue to foster a culture of controlled risk coupled with a permanent readiness for action.


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