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Small gestures for a better world


At AP Eva Senses we are committed to protecting the environment daily, ensuring its mission towards sustainability. We do this by investing in good internal practices and training our employees.

Making the world more sustainable


We record the volume of waste daily and try to reduce waste wherever possible by recycling, using refillable and/or reusable products and opting for alternative materials to plastic. We try to work with suppliers who have implemented sustainable measures.

It is essential that we preserve our greatest natural resource!


We have installed flow control equipment on all taps, as well as flow reducers at various points, to save water (without affecting our customers);

Discover the beauty of the Ria Formosa, but respect its nature


We invite our clients to visit the Ria Formosa, instilling in them that it is a protected area where they must take special care of the local fauna, flora and sea.

Implementing energy strategies to promote sustainability


In order to reduce energy consumption, we have installed energy-saving technologies, replaced equipment and provided training for employees on saving energy resources.

Let’s reduce our ecological footprint. Join us!