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AP oriental Beach 33 years


The AP Oriental Beach Hotel celebrates its 33rd anniversary on 1st August, marking the date with an exclusive event for guests.
Sparkling wine, accompanied by birthday cake, will be served between 10:30 and 11:00 a.m. at the Syrah by Quinta de São Sebastião restaurant.
The AP Oriental Beach, which has been part of the AP Hotels & Resorts Group since December 2015, is a prestigious brand in the city of Portimão, both for the quality of service and the beauty of the building, with direct connection to Rocha beach.
The Hotel, with origins in a historical building built at the beginning of the last century, the Casino da Praia da Rocha, is today, after the deep renovation that introduced the oriental features, a brand in the also historical Praia da Rocha, one of the most famous of Portugal.
The superb view over the sea and its direct connection to the vast sandy beach that characterises Praia da Rocha, in addition to the luxurious decoration, are some of the characteristics of this hotel unit of the AP Hotels & Resorts Group, located next to the Santa Catarina Fortress, together with the comfort of the rooms and the traditional quality of service.
Congratulations are due to all those who have helped this hotel unit to grow, a symbol of the quality of the AP Hotels & Resorts Group.