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hAPpy Smile Project

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The hAPpy SMILE is born to build a better world, more helpful and human. The main goal is to support social, environmental and culture causes helping inovative projects that promote help, solidarity and union between employees and companies in favor of noble causes.

Although the sell of merchadising products, we want to promote as well activities and events related with the needs of some associations we support.

During 2020/2021, we have been suporting some instutions such as APEXA and MAPS.



– APEXA has one mission: to develop appropriate responses to the inclusion of people with or without disabilities in the areas of health, rehabilitation, leisure, sports, education, training and work.


MAPS – Movement to Support the Problem of AIDS.

It develops, promotes and ensures the provision of services to the community, within the scope of the problems of HIV / AIDS, sexuality, addictions, homelessness, migrants, ethnic minorities, discriminated groups and other problems of social emergency.



We intend to support the needs of the associations, contributing by raising funds acquired through the various actions that we will carry out during this year and the next.
Throughout the year we will let you know about our actions, publishing them on our social networks and online presence.

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