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AP Maria Nova Exposicao Olavo

AP Maria Nova Lounge shows art exhibition by Olavo Cavaco

Until next October 1st, AP Maria Nova Lounge invites you to discover the exhibition of Olavo Cavaco, a young painter who manages since his 20s to develop a pictorial expression using and mastering techniques as varied as oil painting, drawing, pastels or acrylics, having in reality his raw material, which he appropriates by reinventing it. The inauguration of the exhibition lasted one hour and was attended by 20 guests – from now on you can go and see for yourself the art of Olavo Cavaco.
His works denote an evolved technique and a refined aesthetic sense, as a consequence of the exhaustive artistic-intellectual path that he has been developing. His most recent work is characterised by imaginary compositions of a Neo-realist nature. The painter develops his work through numerous techniques, among which acrylics and watercolours stand out.
Resident in Tavira and with a degree in Architecture, Olavo Cavaco had already held an exhibition at AP Maria Nova Lounge in 2017.
With the aim of promoting existing artists originating from the Tavira community, people with culture and art in their hands and feelings, the AP Maria Nova Lounge cedes its space for numerous exhibitions and promotes artistic inspiration from all the surroundings that the city offers. The AP Maria Nova Lounge intends, therefore, to promote its “people of the land” transmitting to its guests the receptivity, warmth and closeness of the place and its people.


We invite all artists that have interest in collaborating with AP Maria Nova and exhibit their art work in the hotel, to contact us: and