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The magic of Christmas in Vigo: An enchanting atmosphere just 75 minutes from Viana do Castelo

The city of Vigo, just a 75-minute drive from Viana do Castelo, is transformed into a spectacle of light and colour during the Christmas season, offering a magical experience to all visitors. In this article you’ll discover the charms of Christmas in Vigo, highlighting the must-see attractions and the unique atmosphere that surrounds this festive event.


Vigo’s Christmas lights


One of the most outstanding features of Christmas in Vigo is the grand illumination of the Christmas lights, which this year will be inaugurated on 24 November at 19:30.



With a spectacle of 11.5 million LED lights spread over 400 streets, 6,000 structures, 3,708 light arches and 56 other large-scale elements, the city of Vigo is transformed into a true fairytale of light.


The lights, which can be seen in the most central and busiest areas, such as Gran Via, Policarpo Sanz or García Barbón, transform the city into a Christmas celebration that captures the hearts of all those lucky enough to witness this magic.


On the first day of the event, the excitement reaches its peak in the streets of Policarpo Sanz and Príncipe, when the lights are switched on for the first time after an exciting countdown. The show continues with an incredible display of Christmas music, complete with artificial snow that creates a truly magical atmosphere.


For the rest of the year, until mid-January, the lights are on from 6.30pm to midnight every day, and until 2am on the busiest days, such as Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.


Vigo’s main Christmas attractions


Throughout Christmas in Vigo, the city offers a wide range of attractions for all tastes.


As well as the lights, another of Vigo’s Christmas features is the imposing 40.5 metre high Giant Christmas Tree, the largest Christmas tree in Spain. Located in Calle Policarpo Sanz, this illuminated tree has become an icon of Vigo’s Christmas, impossible to miss for anyone visiting the city at this time of year.


The city centre is also decorated with original photo booths, offering unique opportunities to capture special photographic memories, and there is also the Mercado de Cés, a Christmas market in the Plaza de Cospostela with more than 100 food and craft stalls.



Visitors to Vigo at Christmas time will also find some fantastic places to celebrate the season and take pictures with the children, such as:


  • Santa’s house, in front of the Teatro de la Afundación;
  • A sleigh with several reindeer statues;
  • The 12-metre snowman in front of the School of Arts and Crafts (García Barbón, number 5);
  • the portico in the shape of a giant polar star, seven metres high;
  • a photo call with the theme of the 3 kings;
  • The statues of angels playing the trumpet next to the church of Santiago de Vigo;
  • merry-go-rounds for children;
  • The main pedestrian street in the centre of Vigo, decorated with sleighs, gifts, illuminated Christmas trees, moose and husky figures and a 3D float.


And for those looking for maximum fun, Christmas in Vigo has a Ferris wheel, a hot air balloon and a roller coaster over 10 metres high, which promises fun for all the family.


Christmas in Vigo promises to be an unforgettable experience.


In Vigo, Christmas isn’t just a party. It’s an experience that lights up the soul.


Whether it’s exploring the enchanting market, enjoying the exciting attractions or simply strolling through the illuminated streets, a visit to Christmas in Vigo is a must for anyone who loves this time of year.


Where to stay over Christmas in Vigo?


Vigo comes alive with the presence of around 3 million people during the Christmas event, which in turn increases the demand for hotels and pushes up prices due to the large influx. It is therefore advisable to plan your stay in advance and book a place away from the centre of Vigo.


Many people choose to book their stay in other places about an hour and a half away, as the cost is considerably lower and the distance remains short.


Viana do Castelo, for example, is one of the towns chosen by many visitors to Christmas in Vigo.


Hotel no centro de Viana do Castelo


In the city of Minho, the AP Dona Aninhas Hotel, located in the centre of Viana do Castelo, guarantees all the comfort and well-being you need for your Christmas stay.


The AP Dona Aninhas also has a spa, bar and restaurant to make your Christmas break unforgettable.


Book your stay and give your whole family, especially the little ones, the best Christmas holidays ever.


And when you book your stay at AP Dona Aninhas, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Christmas attractions in Viana do Castelo.