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AP Cabanas Beach and Nature

AP Hotels & Resorts brings you 3 advantages of going on a low season vacation

Vacations are an important moment of physical and mental rest, but that is not why they have to be taken during the busiest months: July and August. Deciding to enjoy a week while the weather is still inviting and in low season can bring immense advantages. In that sense, the AP Hotels & Resorts group brings you 3 reasons to enjoy the Algarve during low season:

1. You can enjoy everything calmly and without people around you
Ever find yourself queuing for a museum on vacation? Assessing the beach without knowing exactly where to put the towel to lie down? If you go on holiday in October, you can enjoy a much calmer beach and visit all the places you want without large crowds of people. Given the situation we are in, it is even the safest option!

2. Prices are more affordable
Travel, hotels, even a few restaurants… out of high season, everything is cheaper. If you don’t have a lot of vacation days to spend and still want to take advantage of this month’s nice weather, why not try putting a few days together with the holidays? The holidays of October 5th or November 1st can be good options.

3. It is not necessary to book far in advance
As there aren’t that many people traveling in the off-season, this often translates into more flexibility for those who want to take advantage of this time. As hotels are rarely sold out at this time, you can often wait until the last minute to make your reservations. This also means more flexibility in your itinerary, with enough space to be spontaneous.

The Algarve, even out of high season, offers perfect places for all types of tourists, from those looking for a lively nightlife, to those who want to put their feet in the sand of the beach and relax. If you are looking for a more family stay, where you can combine sport with leisure, the AP Victoria Sports & Beach in Albufeira is an excellent option. If, on the other hand, you prefer to relax in a hotel recommended for adults only, head to the newly opened AP Cabanas Beach & Nature, in Tavira.