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Biking Man

AP Eva Senses official hotel of Bikingman 2022

AP Eva Senses is proud to report that it was the official hotel of the BIKINGMAN 2022 event. This event consisted of a 1010km bike race in 120 hours. This was the first time Portugal opened the BikingMan season, bringing a different visual experience with bright colours and lush vegetation of our country.

The BikingMan event, which started and ended in Faro, is an event that aims to resurrect long distance bike races. The race brings together men and women, alone or in teams, and is characterised by not having any assistance (food, repairs, guidance ETC) as the intention is to explore the limits of each athlete in demanding territories and in extreme climatic and topographic conditions. The race brings together amateur and professional cyclists who seek the freedom of ultra-distance and has the ability to bring together many nationalities.

More information at: https://bikingman.com/en/the-races/