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Café Filosófico

AP Maria Nova promotes conversations about the most important issues in our society

On the third Thursday of each month, at 6:30 pm, the AP Maria Nova Lounge hosts the Café Filosófico with Maria João Neves Ph.D, a conversation about culture and its importance these days.

The next Philosophical Café will take place on July 21st and its theme is Radical Empowerment and Anna Pixner, the fastest skater in Austria and number 10 in the world ranking.

Having lived in Ericeira for two years, after a visit that would only last a month, the city became her home. She maintains her passion for skateboarding but is dedicated to several important issues in society such as the cultural differences we experience today.

Anna has been involved in the world of skateboarding since she was 15 years old. Along her journey she witnessed the differences that are so present between men and women in this sport. At the Philosophical Café we will see what Anna does to counteract this.

Anne Pixner’s story is a story of empowerment and how small changes make all the difference in our world. That’s what will be discussed at the AP Maria Nova Lounge.

Ph.D. Maria João Neves, who moderates this philosophical conversation, holds a PhD in Contemporary Philosophy, has published several books and scientific articles and in 2006 started her philosophical practice. Since then, she has organized several “Philosophical Cafés” in several cities in Algarve.

To register: filosofiamjn@gmail.com