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Discovering Alte – one of the most typical villages in the Algarve

It is not always easy to write about the Algarve. Not about their people. Not all magical and mythical places. Algarve is such a different and rich region. Sights. Gastronomy. Architecture. Beach. Field. Mountain. We want to present you a little-known treasure of the area – a picturesque village that belongs to the municipality of Loulé. It has streams and fountains. It is close to Serra Barrocal. Come with us to discover… Alte.
With about 1997 inhabitants (2011), this parish is located in the geographical center of the Algarve, exactly on the border between Barrocal and Serra.
Away from the tourist coast, it is considered one of the most typical and preserved villages in the Algarve (and even in Portugal), with its houses painted in the current colors of the region (ocher, almagre, azulão, anthracite, and the white background), roof terraces, traditional chimneys and alleys paved in Portuguese pavement.
A day in Alte must include its historic center, full of colorful, narrow streets with a Portuguese sidewalk. With white painted houses and engravings.
In the historic center, it is also possible to visit the mother church of Alte whose Manueline style is the most outstanding. By this time, what really came in handy was to go snacking somewhere. Something light and fast so you don’t waste time.
And isn’t there a restaurant in front of the church? We are going to eat something because in the afternoon we still have some interesting visits to make.
Also benefiting from our location, in the center of Alte, you can still take a little jump to the Museo Pole Cândido Guerreiro and Conde de Alte. Here, we have at our disposal cultural equipment that resulted from the conversion of the old sunny building of the Counts of Alte into a Museological Pole. In the exhibition space, there is a collection of the writer Cândido Guerreiro and the counts of Alte and ethnographic heritage such as costumes and agricultural implements.
At the end of Alte, we have the final pearl of this visit: the Fontes de Alte.
These are one of the most pleasant places in the region, with their crystal clear waters of the Alte stream, surrounded by an area with trees, of great beauty and peace of mind.
In this space, the waters of the riverside form a swimming pool of great beauty, providing pleasant moments of leisure.
For now, let’s take the time to have fun and stay here… enjoying this paradise with these transparent waters and the cool shadows that are here.
Join us and come with us. Not only in this adventure, but also in the next.
But for now, let’s just take another dip.