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Desfile Motard de Faro

Faro Motard Concentration 2024

July is the month when the streets of Faro are filled with motorcycles and motards from all corners of the world. After all, this is the month when one of the largest Motorcycle Gatherings in Europe takes place: the Faro Motard Concentration.


This massive celebration has all the elements to be one of Faro’s and Algarve’s biggest events.


Featuring concerts by renowned national and international bands, exhibitions, street animations, and lasting for 4 days, the event draws between 15,000 to 30,000 attendees annually. It typically occurs on the third weekend of July at Vale das Almas.


The 2023 edition was a success, even reaching full capacity, and featured performances by notable artists like Guano Apes, Cuca Roseta, Hybrid Theory, and Expensive Soul.


For 2024, another massive edition of the Faro Motard Concentration is already in the works. If you want to be part of this grand celebration, it’s best to start planning your trip in advance.


Discover below all you need to know about the Faro Motard Concentration and the essentials to organize your trip:



Where to Stay During Faro Motard Concentration 2024


The first step to prepare for your visit to Faro Motard Concentration 2024 is to choose your accommodation.


This is because the event lasts for 4 days, and to have energy for all the shows and activities, it’s ideal to secure a good place with all the comfort you need to recharge.


And we have the perfect place for you: AP Eva Senses Hotel.



Located in the historic center of Faro, just 7 km from the venue of Faro Motard Concentration, AP Eva Senses Hotel is the ideal place for those who not only want to attend the event but also explore the city of Faro.


It’s close to the best restaurants in the city, the top nightclubs, the finest beaches, natural parks, and various historical monuments.


Adding to all of this, the hotel itself offers its guests a privileged view of Faro Marina and the Ria Formosa Natural Park, along with a Rooftop with an Outdoor Pool – perfect for refreshing and enjoying a cocktail before heading to the Faro Motard Concentration venue.


AP Eva Senses Hotel also boasts a Spa, Gym, 3 Restaurants, and 2 Bars to ensure you have all the amenities you need to recharge and make the most of the 4 days of Faro Motard Concentration with maximum energy.


But one of the best highlights is that AP Eva Senses Hotel is located right next to the city’s bus stop. Why is that important? Because during the 4 days of the event, free buses are provided to those with tickets for Faro Motard Concentration, taking you to the event venue.


This means you don’t have to worry about transportation from the hotel to Vale das Almas. Your travel to and from the venue is assured and free of charge.


So, start planning your trip to the event and book your stay in Faro now.


Explore the Venue of Faro Motard Concentration 2024


The Faro Motard Concentration venue is similar to an authentic festival setup.


It features dining areas, restrooms, showers, and parking lots to ensure you have everything you need to have the utmost fun.


Moreover, within the Faro Motard Concentration venue, there’s a bar specifically dedicated to the younger audience, offering their favorite drinks and snacks.


In terms of musical performances, they’re divided between 2 stages: the main stage and the Oasis stage.


The main stage hosts concerts by renowned national and international bands, while the Oasis stage features DJs, tribute bands, and covers celebrating the greatest rock ‘n’ roll hits.


In addition to the musical performances, the event includes the Miss Faro contest, the Bike Show (dedicated to customized motorcycles), and the grand farewell parade through the streets of Faro, all of which promise to make this event epic year after year.


And because the Faro Motard Concentration thinks of everything, there’s also a mechanic area on-site in case you encounter any last-minute motorcycle issues. This way, even if an unfortunate incident occurs, it can quickly be resolved so you can continue enjoying the event.


You’ll also find various tents on-site offering all sorts of motorcycle equipment and accessories, souvenir stands, and tattoo booths.


All of this combined contributes to making the Faro Motard Concentration an event where all the conditions are met for a four-day celebration.


Below, you can check out the complete venue map from the last edition:


Mapa do Recinto da Concentração Motard de Faro


What’s Included in the Ticket for Faro Motard Concentration 2024


Although there isn’t much information available yet about what the ticket for the upcoming edition of the Faro Motard Concentration will include, it’s expected to be similar to the previous edition.


In the previous edition, the ticket/registration had a cost of 55€ and included:


  • Admission for all 4 days of the event
  • 1 T-shirt
  • 1 Medal
  • 1 Embroidery
  • 1 Sticker
  • Tickets for a chance to win an Indian FTR motorcycle and a trip to Daytona, USA, for 2 people
  • Sardines on Saturday
  • Saturday dinner
  • Sunday breakfast and lunch


All updates about the tickets for the upcoming edition can be found on the official website of Moto Clube of Faro.


Discover the History of Faro Motard Concentration


Artista em palco na Concentração Motard de Faro


The 1st Faro Motard Concentration took place in 1982, organized by the Moto Clube of Faro, and right from the start, it had an international impact to the extent that out of hundreds of people present, only 4 were Portuguese.


Due to the international success of the first edition, the Moto Clube de Faro continued to host the event year after year, with each edition attracting more people than the previous one.


The Faro Motard Concentration has undergone such significant evolution over the years that it started to gain attention from both national and international media as one of the “largest and best Motard Concentrations in Europe.” In 1991, it became the only event in Portugal to be included in the International Calendar of Concentrations by the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM).


This achievement is credited to the vision of the Moto Clube de Faro, which managed to turn this into one of the biggest celebrations of motorcycle culture in Europe. We strongly recommend visiting, even if you’re not a biker, as it’s undoubtedly a historic event where you’ll have a lot of fun and create great memories.