Kayak Ria Formosa

Kayak tour in Ria Formosa

Explore the Ria Formosa by kayak and discover the wildlife of this Natural Park in the Algarve.
An ideal tour for those who enjoy contact with water.
On this 2-hour kayak tour, you navigate without the noise of an engine through the meanders of the Ria Formosa channels towards the islands and beaches of this Natural Park, exploring areas of translucent waters and beaches of fine white sand where we can find shells of many sizes.
Accompanied by a monitor, the experience is enriched with explanations about the heritage of this Natural Park, providing unforgettable memories.

We set off from Faro through the calm waters of the Ria Formosa, without waves or with a slight swell, for a pleasant kayak trip, even for people with less experience.
We sail towards the beaches of deserted islands and along the way we explore the marshes and the various islets where we can make stops to rest or just to enjoy a stunning landscape.

Kayaking in the Ria Formosa in the company of a monitor is an experience that marks us as it allows us to appreciate the richness of this Natural Park up close while we practice physical activity. We pass the fishermen and shellfish gatherers who work hard in the clam and oyster ponds and on the way we observe birds such as the flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus), the heron (Ardea cinerea) and the white stork (Ciconia ciconia), countless fish, crabs and sea slugs.

This is a fantastic experience that is worth sharing with your family or group of friends and is probably one of the best ways to explore the wonders of this unique region.

Price: Adult € 50.00 Child (up to 8 years old) € 36.00
Duration: 2 Hours
Start: 500 meters


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