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Pego do Inferno Algarve

Pego do Inferno, mystery and natural beauty

A different image. Out of the ordinary landscape of the golden coast of Algarve. One of the most beautiful landscapes in the south of the country. It is Pego do Inferno. Located about 7 kilometres from Tavira, Pego do Inferno is one of the main water courses of that region in the shape of a round lagoon, where the water falls through the rocks, surrounded by vegetation. This place started as a secret, known only to the people of Algarve and only after a few years it became more and more known by visitors from all over the country. Today it is already a historical place and an attraction for many curious tourists who want to gift the view with one of the natural wonders of Portugal.
Many of the Algarve’s residents call this region “the hidden pearl”. The sun, together with the green of the forest, gives the water of this lagoon a greenish colour, which invites great dives at the height of the heat. To arouse the interest of the more curious, this place is full of traditions and stories that can be heard in the southern lands of the country. There is nothing like visiting the traditions and listening to the local people about the mysteries and stories that involve Pego do Inferno. A day here is synonym of learning but also of pleasure when observing a paradisiacal scenery like this.
A few years ago, a fire destroyed part of the surrounding forest area and the pedestrian access. This destruction led the municipality to close the place to the public. Even so, hundreds of people passed by there every year to visit and get to know the place and enjoy the refreshing waters of Pego do Inferno. Getting there without prior preparation could be an added challenge and a little bit tricky. At that time there were no signal indications of the place, which further reinforced the mystery and the “hidden pearl” idea. Since it is a 100% natural area, there is usually a slogan and a rule for the most curious explorers who venture to the place: “Take only pictures and leave only footprints”. It is especially important to conserve the area and not pollute it to continue to have the passionate beauty of a lagoon with a natural waterfall.
More recently some efforts have been made to requalify the space, but it is still particularly important to preserve the location. A pleasant trail was designed around this Portuguese wonder that brought an additional magic to the area. The Pego viewpoint was built, where it is possible to admire the beauty and natural landscape of this waterfall. At this point the pedestrian access is made through a 100 meters path until you reach a wooden staircase. It is here that the path begins, always going down, to appreciate all the details of Pego do Inferno.
To all those who consider themselves curious, this is an excellent option for a cultural trip during the weekend. The photos and videos of the place do not show even half of the details that we can observe with our own eyes. A place that breathes and exudes natural beauty, as few still exist today. An experience that is worth living.