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Café Filosófico


The Sound of Thought (O Som do Pensamento) is the theme of the next Philosophical Cafe (Café Filosófico), which will take place on the 24th, at the end of the afternoon (6:30 pm), in the Lobby Bar of the AP Maria Nova Lounge, a cultural initiative that the hotel hosts once a month and that contributes to his approach to the culture of Tavira.
Maria João Neves, PhD in philosophy, is the facilitator of this sessions of Philosophical Cafés, and she defines as the main objective of these meetings “to think in togetherness”. The texts that serve as the basis for these meetings are published once a month in the column “Filosofia Dia a Dia” of the Cultura Sul/Postal do Algarve newspaper.
In our current life, gone are the days of paper letters… There is a rainfall of emails, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. Never has so much been written and in such a thoughtless way, says Maria João. “The Philosophical Café intends to rescue the power of orality, of an eye-to-eye meaningful conversation. The intonation with which a word is uttered intuitively conveys what it points to. This is a richness that can only be experienced orally. On the other hand, attentive listening is openness to the world of thought of the other. In this way, listening is also a way of participating”.
“The Philosophical Café takes place in public places, open to anyone who wants to participate. No prior knowledge of philosophy is required. Together we want to rescue the sound of thought”, concludes Maria João Neves.
The AP Maria Nova Lounge is thus associated with the cultural life of the city of Tavira, thus fulfilling one of its missions.
Registration for the Philosophical Cafe: filosofiamjn@gmail.com