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Praia do Cabedelo has been awarded the Blue Flag for 20 consecutive years

The Blue Flag Environment and Education Association awarded Cabedelo beach the Blue Flag certificate for 20 consecutive years, synonymous with quality that distinguishes the efforts of various entities to make possible the coexistence of local development alongside respect for the environment.

This distinction given to Viana do Castelo City Council aims to raise the level of awareness of citizens in general, and decision-makers in particular, of the need to protect the marine, coastal and lake environment.

The certificate was delivered to Praia do Cabedelo as part of the 2023 Blue Flag Ceremony, which took place in the Auditorium of the Temple of Poetry, in Parque dos Poetas, in Oeiras. This ceremony was aimed at Blue Flag Promoters, representatives of the Program’s National Jury and all entities involved in the management and maintenance of bathing areas, marinas, recreational ports and ecotourism vessels.

With the aim of marking the end of the Blue Flag 2023 season, at this meeting competition prizes were awarded, certificates were handed out for the beaches, marinas and vessels awarded and the conclusions of the projects and partnerships that took place throughout this year were presented.

Located on the south bank of the mouth of the Lima River, with fine sand and surrounded by dunes and pine forests, Praia do Cabedelo is a crescent-shaped bay with extensive open sand, with conditions that present as truly extraordinary for the practice of water sports.

Taking into account the wind conditions in the area, Praia do Cabedelo is excellent for practitioners of all levels. If beginners find great conditions in the calmer waters next to the bay, more experienced ones will be able to fully enjoy more challenging conditions, just a few meters away.

Cabedelo is made up of two areas of sand: a beach with a small sandy area on the north side of the spur, characterized by strong winds, ideal for practicing extreme sports and windsurfing; On the south side of the same spur we have a second beach, with an extensive dune system, a stretch of fine golden sand as far as the eye can see and a transparent sea, where you want to “drop” a wave and practice surfing or kitesurfing.

It is the most famous beach in Viana do Castelo for water sports and, therefore, throughout the year, its sand is painted in the colors of athletes from all over the world.