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SPA AP Elements

Body & Mind Detox Retreat

When was the last time you stopped and took care of yourself? Nowadays we pay less and less attention to our physical and psychological well-being and that is exactly what the Body & Mind Detox Retreat aims to change.
It takes place from October 25th to 30th at AP Cabanas Beach & Nature in conjunction with the Wellness Academy and offers a complete program of Wellness activities combined with Spa treatments and a balanced diet plan to purify the body and improve quality of life.
The retreat starts on Tuesday with the welcome cocktail and check-in. On the 26th, a biophysical assessment is carried out, there is a nutrition workshop, time to rest and a spa moment.
On Thursday, start the day with meditation (an ancient technique originating from the practice of yoga that aims at mental/emotional stability and mental clarity for the well-being of the individual), a walk, moments of rest and spa. On Friday, relax with a yoga class (a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that seeks balance, harmony, and union) and a meditation workshop, there is also a sound therapy class, which uses instruments that produce sound and vibration to provide well-being and harmony in body and mind, and finish off with a trip to the spa.
Saturday the program includes a pilates class (a method of physical exercise and stretching), a flow & motion session (a physical exercise activity that aims to enhance correct body alignment, with correct breathing and balance), and relax in the spa. The retreat ends on Sunday with the assessment time and check out.
The Spa Elements of the hotel unit includes a total of eight treatments for this retreat, adapted to the needs of each client, after an initial evaluation.
The list of treatments ranges from therapeutic massage, to relaxing massage, a remineralization – exfoliation with sea salts, neck, head and scalp massage, ultra-relaxing hand and foot massage, localized modelling massage, draining massage focusing on the abdomen and a detox treatment with detoxifying algae.
There are special guests for the program’s classes: Ana Rita Horta, who has a degree in nutrition; João Palma Holistic therapist with extensive experience in yoga, meditation, Tibetan bowls and ayurveda; from My flow Studio – Vilson Alves, trained in pilates and founder of the studio and Teresa Jesus from My Motion Studio, graduated in sports.
The Spa Elements AP Cabanas Beach & Nature retreat offers a unique experience, in a week of Detox Body & Mind with the aim of reducing the disorders caused by the toxic elements we absorb and restoring the balance between body and mind.
With capacity for up to 16 participants.
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