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Chef Miléne Nobre

In the Balsa by Quinta de São Sebastião restaurant and the Rooftop Nomad Restaurant & Bar, you have the opportunity to experience the gastronomic selection and fantastic dishes by Chef Milene Nobre.


Her extensive career and vast experience in restaurants across various European countries result in exclusive dishes with a unique harmony of flavors that you can only experience at AP Maria Nova Lounge.


Chef Milene Nobre has worked in countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Russia, and Hungary, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge, techniques, and flavors that influence her dishes and the menu at AP Maria Nova Lounge.


In addition to her impressive resume, with stints at some of the world’s best restaurants like “El Bulli” in Barcelona, “Martin Berasategui” in the Basque Country, and “Vila Joya” in Albufeira, Chef Milene Nobre also serves as the jury president for the Cooking Profession at the Worldskills Portugal Championships.


Currently, she leads the restaurants at AP Maria Nova Lounge and provides all guests with exclusive flavors that you won’t find in any other restaurant in Tavira.