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Cuca Roseta AP Eva Senses

Dinner and live show with Cuca Roseta at Rooftop AP Eva Senses | 12th of August at 19:30

Dinner and live show with Cuca Roseta, Thursday, at Rooftop Eva at 19:30.
Cuca Roseta is one of the most acclaimed and recognized voices of Fado today. With seven published albums, most of them signed by award-winning producers worldwide, he has had a career of multiple successes and great recognition by the public.
Last year, Cuca Roseta edited two albums, one in homage to Amália Rodrigues (Amália by Cuca Roseta) and the other, the most recent “Meu”, a work in which he assumes the totality of the writing and composition of all the themes.
And it is precisely the repertoire of the concert “Meu” that brings to the
ROOFTOP AP Eva Senses in Faro, showing all her truth, but never forgetting the fado classics that led her to where she is. “Meu” is Cuca Roseta’s truest and most personal album. But Cuca Roseta’s “Meu” is an album that the fado singer wants to belong to everyone, made exclusively thinking of the complicity and sharing she has with her audience, which has given her so much joy and emotions.
Dinner subject to pre-reservations. Capacity limited to space.
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