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Luz de Tavira

Make the most of your vacation in the Algarve by visiting the parish of Luz de Tavira.


This historic parish dates back to the 16th century and is well known for its significant agricultural activity.


Located just 6 kilometers from Tavira, if you’re staying at the AP Maria Nova Lounge hotel, you’ll be within a short distance to explore Luz de Tavira.


And it’s definitely worth a visit.


Luz de Tavira offers a true journey through time, with remnants of an important historical legacy evident in its heritage and natural landscapes.


Some of the historical sites and monuments you can visit in Luz de Tavira include:


  • The Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz, a historic church featuring a Mannerist façade, a Manueline side portal, and intricately carved capitals adorned with grapevines and clusters of grapes. Inside the church, you’ll find three naves covered with vaults and a Mannerist altarpiece dating back to the 16th century.
  • The Tower of Aires or Ares, a circular masonry monument of medieval or Moorish origin that was part of the region’s defensive system.
  • The Norias, Arabic-origin water mills designed to draw water from wells. They’re located near the sports center in Luz de Tavira.