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Cabanas de Tavira

Tavira Beaches

Holidays in the Algarve without a trip to the beach just wouldn’t be the same.


And in Tavira, you have around 18 kilometers of coastline to explore and enjoy under the sun.


Tavira’s beaches are renowned for their calm, clear waters with vibrant shades of blue.


Among the 18 kilometers of sandy stretches, you can visit Ilha de Tavira, Praia do Barril, Praia da Terra Estreita, and Praia de Cabanas.


On Ilha de Tavira, the water is usually calm and wave-free. There are several restaurants by the island’s beaches where you can savor fresh coastal fish and enjoy refreshing drinks.


In the middle of Ilha de Tavira lies Praia do Barril, known for its collection of enormous anchors arranged in the dunes by the shore, creating a beautiful backdrop for your vacation photos.


Access to Praia do Barril is from Ilha de Tavira and can be reached by foot or tourist train (ideal if you have beach umbrellas, towels, and snacks). If you choose to walk, you can appreciate the beauty of Ria Formosa by stopping at the observation stations along the way.


Much like Praia do Barril, Praia da Terra Estreita is also part of Ilha de Tavira. This beach offers a quieter and more secluded atmosphere, as it’s only about 250 meters wide and attracts fewer visitors than Praia do Barril and Ilha de Tavira.


Despite its smaller size, Praia da Terra Estreita also features a restaurant and various recreational activities. It’s a small paradise to enjoy during your stay in Tavira.


Lastly, don’t miss Praia de Cabanas, which boasts an extensive 7-kilometer shoreline and is just a 10-minute drive away from Tavira.


This beach is popular among sailors, windsurfers, and those seeking a tranquil spot.


For nature enthusiasts and those seeking a bit of solitude, Tavira’s beaches are undoubtedly some of the best in the Algarve.