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Santa Luzia Sanctuary

Santa Luzia Sanctuary

The Sanctuary of Santa Luzia is visible from miles away, a kind of welcome to those entering the city, imposing for its workmanship, with a breathtaking panorama it is a place of obligatory passage.
Here the green landscapes merge with the modernity and the urbanity of the city, accompanied by the wandering of the Lima river that flows into the Atlantic.
Located on top of the Santa Luzia hill, it is a Catholic sanctuary with a superb 360º view over the region, considered one of the best in the world.
The patron saint of this monument is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and it was in 1918 that the city was consecrated to him. It was the year of the pneumonic pandemic, and the people of Vianna promised to make an annual pilgrimage up the hill of Santa Luzia, if no more lives were taken.
In 1920 they began their promise, which is kept to this day with a pilgrimage from the city to the top of the hill, on the Sunday closest to the liturgical feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
To know and climb the Santa Luzia hill is a different and unique experience that will leave you with a sweet memory of the city.