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Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga at AP Maria Nova Lounge

Come and experience Aerial Yoga at AP Maria Nova Lounge.
Aerial Yoga contains a fun and inspiring side, reminding us of our ancestral connection with nature, of our anatomical abilities developed from an early age, to hang from trees, climb, or swing – whether it was to escape from dangers to food or simply for fun.
It combines traditional yoga-inspired exercises with air suspension techniques. In this suspended state, pressure is released from the spine and joints, flexibility is improved, and posture is corrected.
This practice helps blood circulation, works the abs, and develops strength and flexibility in the same measure and without impact, looking for physical and mental balance.
Classes will be given by instructor Maria João Neves, who started practicing yoga at age 18 and has experimented with various styles. In 2012 she obtained her certification as an instructor of Vinyasa Flow, and in 2022 of Aerial Yoga ― both by Yoga Alliance International.
The Aerial Yoga classes are every Thursday at 9 am with a duration of 75 minutes, by the pool. The value per customer is €70 with a maximum of two participants. If you prefer other days, the instructor is available on Tuesdays and Fridays as well.
For reservations: mjoaoneves@yahoo.com or whatsapp: (+351) 910049998