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Pego do Inferno Algarve

Pego do Inferno

Pego do Inferno is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Algarve.


Located about 7 kilometers from Tavira, Pego do Inferno is one of the main watercourses in the region, forming a round lagoon where water cascades down the rocks surrounded by lush vegetation.


The sunlight, along with the greenery of the forest, gives the water in this lagoon a greenish color that invites you to take refreshing dives during the peak of the heat.


At present, pedestrian access is made through a 100-meter path that leads to a wooden staircase. This is where the descent begins, allowing you to appreciate all the details of Pego do Inferno.


This place started as a secret known only to the people of the Algarve region, and over the years, it became more well-known to visitors from all over the country.


Today, it’s a historic and attractive spot for many curious tourists who wish to treat their eyes to one of Portugal’s natural wonders.


A location that exudes natural beauty, like few others still do in modern times. An experience that is truly worth living.